We supply proven and innovative raw materials to the manufacturers of food supplements (NEM / Nutraceuticals), functional food, beverages and sport nutrition.

Throughout our worldwide contacts to manufacturers – also from other business areas – we are able to discover new trends and cover them accordingly, as well as the “classics” and a wide range of auxiliary materials.

Thanks to our organic certification, our 4 warehouses in Germany, our experience in the fields of cosmetics, feed and pharmaceuticals (where we already practice GDP) and our expertise, which has been built up and continuously expanded over many years, we are in a position to be your partner in all Meeting areas on an equal footing.

With this in mind, we would like to draw your attention to our successful and constantly growing “Service for Industries”. Reliability, joint project developments, availability of small quantities, flexibility, quality and service are terms that we stand for and that we promise you.

Extract from our delivery program

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Amino Acids
Extracts, Concentrates & Powder
Mineral Salts
Peptons & Protein-Hydrolysates
Various products