Your career

working at Inter-Harz

New perspectives in raw material purchase and delivery

Inter-Harz is a Service Company. We serve and cooperate with major international companies with first class reputation in the cosmetic industry. We are exporting to and importing from a great number of countries world-wide.  Our expertise covers countries in East Asia, Near East, Africa and the Americas, as well as West Europe, Russia and Russian speaking countries.

 Therefore, a career at Inter-Harz means to be highly service-oriented, a good teamplayer, open-minded for new ideas, and responsive to the requirements of our business partners, customers and suppliers.

Our commitment:
Providing always top-service and developing partnerships that last for years if not for decades.

If you want to become a member of our team, you must accept and practically live by these basics, and have a sale and marketing oriented personality.

We consider ourselves a united team, so anyone who joins us, must have excellent teamspirit.

If you want to start your career at Inter-Harz, please feel free to send us your application via mail.

Mrs. Marion Ludolph